2 Neoprene Sheets for 1005139
2 Neoprene Sheets for 1005139

2 Neoprene Sheets for 1005139

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This innovative design not only simulates realistic body tissue but provides an alternative to the use of animals. The design is unique in having a replaceable chest wall with ribs that are encased into the realistic simulated flesh that forms the torso. This fleshy part is replaceable and can used for up to 25 incisions. It is housed in a white plastic torso-shaped box that is firmly secured and has strong sucker-feet to ensure non slip use on smooth table-top surfaces. The torso presents as a patient lying on his back.

? Surgical access is lateral to the pectoralis major
? The arm has been removed for easier access and extended for anatomical relevance
? The ribs can be clearly felt below the surface of the skin
? Trainees can make an incision through the fleshy part, surgically dividing the tissue with blunt
forceps until the plural cavity is clearly felt by finger insertion
? Complete finger rotation is possible, allowing the trainee to ensure that there are no obstructions
before a drainage system can be introduced
? The popping effect of passing through the pleura is realistic and a unique feature
? A drain can be securely sutured into position onto this simulated flesh
? The trainer needs no preparation, no refrigeration, no messy disposal after use and no
unpleasant odors

Trainer includes a replaceable:
Chest wall
Pericardiocentesis where fluid can be drawn into a syringe
A realistic Tension Pneumothorax where air can clearly be heard and felt exhaling between the
2nd and 3rd ribs

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