AED Wall Sign - Foldable
AED Wall Sign - Foldable

AED Wall Sign - Foldable

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The CPR Savers & First Aid Supply Foldable Panel AED Wall Sign ensures that your AED is easily able to be located in case of emergency, complying with all rules and regulations in regards to AED Wall signs, and AED ownership in general, with its 3D construction as well as its design which features bold, black AED lettering to identify the location of an aed, and a high-visibility red heart. Not all environments are the same, so our AED Wall Sign is designed to be flexible so that the AED location can be visible from whatever angle you choose. This level of customization gives you added flexibility in finding a location for your AED, as well as improves the chances of an AED being quickly spotted during an emergency.

Our foldable 3D AED Wall Sign features flanged edges on the side of both 9" x 6" visibility panels, along with four pre-drilled holes, ensuring proper placement of your wall mounting materials, as well as making the set-up of this sign on any wall a lot easier and stress-free. We've also included set up instructions to help guide you through the entire process of setting this AED Wall Sign up anywhere. The CPR Savers & First Aid Supply Foldable Panel AED Wall Sign is constructed with durable, thick plastic, ensuring that this sign will last as long as you need it to, and will survive relocation if necessary. The sign design is protected so that it won't fade from the result of rough elements or wear and tear.

All 50 US States require public places where people gather to have a defibrillator ready to use just in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Every second helps improve the chances of a victim's survival, and our Foldable Panel AED Wall Sign aids in increasing the speed and ease of finding one in a time of crisis.

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