Adult CPR Full Body Manikin
Adult CPR Full Body Manikin

Adult CPR Full Body Manikin

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This 5 ft. 5" tall, full body, foam-filled, latex free, lightweight manikin, has joint mobility for easy positioning in all types of environments. Standard features include: carotid pulse controlled by a squeeze bulb, Simulaids patented ball valve airway system, removable face pieces for controlling cross-contamination, and anatomical landmarks for determining proper hand position for compressions. Five lung systems and five removable face pieces are also included.

The available options are a lower IV Arm, Trauma Moulage Kit, Transport Rescue Head (to preserve the CPR head during rugged rescue evolutions) and a carry bag. Order item No. 2725 "with Electronics" and receive a device that will illuminate individual light signals showing correct hand placement, adequate depth of compression, and ventilation. Visit for a complete list of moulages included with the optional Trauma Moulage Kit.

Size: 50" x 21" x 11". Sh. wt. 51 lbs.

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