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Ambu Baby Manikin
The hygienic lifelike baby manikin

Ambu Baby Manikin

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Ambu® Baby Manikin

A Realistic training tool

  • The baby manikin corresponds to a real baby up to one year old. It is the youngest member of the Ambu family of traditional manikins. Teaching BLS with the baby manikin gives a very lifelike simulation.

Emergency training made easy

  • Like all Ambu BLS manikins, the baby manikin has the patented hygienic system that eliminates the risk of cross contamination. All trainees receive their own face piece and head bag for the training. At the end of the training the face piece can be cleaned and the head bag is discarded. A truly 100% hygienic way of training.

Enabling you to provide the best care

  • Just as in real life the airway opens only when the head is properly moved into the sniff position. The instructor has the ability to simulate an obstruction of the airway. The baby manikin has additional features such as a realistic brachial pulse, to provide correct and realistic training. Stomach ventilation can be checked visually.

Ambu® Baby Manikin includes 5 face pieces and 100 head bags

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