AmbuMan Compression
Closed torso

AmbuMan Compression

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AmbuMan Compression

AmbuMan Compression (5 pack) is a first aid and training manikin with human anatomically correct landmarks for training of external chest compression. Allows optimal training on BLS algorithms with compressions and AED pad placement.

Realistic chest compressions

  • With compression only CPR the manikin has a feedback indicator that shows the correct compression depth.

Compact and portable

  • The AmbuMan Compression is a compact and portable training manikin. The manikins are packed in a carrying pack of 5 manikins so that it can easily be transported.

Easy AED training

  • Due to the closed shaped torso, defibrillation pads can be placed and AED training can be performed realistically.

Weight Torso: 2.0 kg Weight 5 x Torso including carrying bag: 10.5 kg Length Torso: 45 cm Max. compression depth: 7.5 cm

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