Ambu® Man Airway Wireless - Next Generation
Ambu® Man Airway Wireless - Next Generation

Ambu® Man Airway Wireless - Next Generation

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AmbuMan Airway

The AmbuMan Airway manikin is ideal for advanced airway and CPR training. It is equipped with the unique Ambu Manikin Management Module. The manikin software does not require a license and supports all network connection options. The unique Ambu Manikin Management Module provides control, documentation and monitoring capabilities while CPR parameters and training events are documented into a report for debriefing.

The robust stainless-steel chest cage makes AmbuMan Airway an ideal training option for mechanical CPR devices. The chest tension is adjustable for realistic CPR training scenarios. The manikin can be used for defibrillator pad placement. It is equipped with a manual carotid pulse.

Designed with an airway that opens only when the head is positioned correctly, training of advanced airway skills such as: direct laryngoscopy, video laryngoscopy, intubation, OPAs, Laryngeal mask airways, King LTS-D, and Combitubes is possible. This manikin can also be used for training on transport ventilators.

During training, performance feedback is available to the instructor and trainee. After the training, CPR parameters and training events are documented and included in the training report, making debriefing simple and logical. AmbuMan Airway features standard license free self- training module for CPR recertifications.

Optional Additions: IV Arm trainer, IO Trainer, Arms, Legs

AmbuMan Airway Wireless

  • Torso, integrated Ambu Wireless Technology, Ambu Manikin Management Module, Transport bag/ practice mat

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