CELOX-A Hemostatic Agent
CELOX-A Hemostatic Agent

CELOX-A Hemostatic Agent

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North American Rescue is pleased to expand our growing product line of hemostatic dressings to include CELOX,™ a clinically-proven family of chitosan-based products certified safe-to-use and successful in stopping life threatening hemorrhage on the battlefield, in serious emergencies and in the workplace. From the original granular form to the various CELOX™ gauzes, NAR offers the full spectrum of this trusted hemostatic to meet every medic’s need in the pursuit of saving lives from severe trauma.

The unique CELOX™-A applicator is designed to give the user an easy, safe and effective way to stop life-threatening bleeding from difficult to treat penetrating trauma. The instinctive applicator delivery system makes it possible for the CELOX™ Granular hemostatic agent to reach deep into small, penetrating traumatic wounds, getting straight to the source of the bleeding.


  • Stops life-threatening bleeding resulting from shock as found in severe traumatic injuries
  • Works independently of the body’s normal clotting mechanisms
  • Published success in the field
  • Generates no heat

NSN #: 6510-01-623-9943 (Box of 70)

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