COVID-19 test kits

Infection rates are on the rise as the world begins to open back up and we adapt to our new normal. A pandemic is not a new concept at this point, but it does throw a wrench into our comfortable lives. As we continue to wait for a vaccine or new ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones, scientists and front line workers have worked day in and day out to come up with solutions to bring things back to normal. We’re proud to announce that we have a brand new, proprietary testing kit available to you and your family now.

Our new tests are serology tests, meaning they look for the presence of antibodies in blood. COVID-19 tests started as a cotton swab to the back of the nasal cavity to test for the virus’s presence in the mucous membranes. This is uncomfortable and requires the sample to be sent to a lab for testing, then waiting days to receive the results. Our serology test uses blood instead of mucus, giving a quick result. If a person has had the virus in their system, the antibody test will tell you within minutes.

As production of these tests is ramping up, we are proud to be able to finally offer our COVID-19 Test Kit to the public. A small blood sample and 15 minutes to confirm if you have or do not have the antibody can be a world of difference in protecting a loved one from getting the virus, easing the minds of coworkers, and ensuring safety at home.

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