CPR Microshield (Waterproof), Pack of 50
CPR Microshield (Waterproof), Pack of 50

CPR Microshield (Waterproof), Pack of 50

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CPR Savers Price Guarantee
The CPR Microshield was designed to meet two critical requirements: protect the rescuer and allow the rescuer to perform proper CPR according to the established guidelines and procedures. Our patented one-way valve and single piece design assures the rescuer that our barrier will not leak and will maintain its integrity when performing CPR.
To guarantee that our barrier will perform the highest quality standards, every CPR Microshield is 100% tested and 100% inspected. When called upon to give CPR, you can perform this specific procedure exactly as you learned it in your CPR class. Many devices require deviation from established procedures with complicated hand seal methods instead of the established mouth to mouth seal. When it comes to protecting yourself while trying to save a life, why would anyone settle for anything less than the CPR Microshield?
Additional Information
The CPR Microshield is designed for single person rescue allowing the first responder to administer CPR confidently while using the proper CPR techniques. Each CPR Microshield is individually packaged, complete with easy to read instructions. The sealed pouch offers a tamper evident, waterproof closure assuring the first responder a clean, ready to use device. Ideal for long term storage in first aid kits, vehicles, and equipment cases.

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