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CPR Savers Large Solar Blanket - 84" x 55" (Pack of 10)
CPR Savers Large Solar Blanket - 84' x 55' (Pack of 10)

CPR Savers Large Solar Blanket - 84" x 55" (Pack of 10)

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Now in Packs of 10!

The CPR Savers 52" x 82.5" Mylar Emergency Survival Blanket is a versatile, waterproof tool used to protect you from the elements outdoors, potentially acting as a blanket, emergency shelter, weather poncho, or shade cover. This blanket will protect you from rain, wind, snow, intense sunlight, and other types of weather you may encounter while camping, or in a survival situation. Hypothermia is a real concern when outside in extremely cold situations. Our mylar blanket can retain up to 90% body heat, ensuring that you stay warm when stuck in those conditions. It also reflects heat, meaning that it can keep you cooler in extreme heat as well when used as a shade, making this an important item to include in any bug out, camping, or survival kits.

The mylar blanket comes pre-folded and is stored in a Ziploc bag, making it compact and very easy to travel with, fitting into any bag easily, fitting into any space in your travel vehicle, and can even just simply fit in a clothing pocket giving you more space for other necessary survival or personal tools. The Ziploc bag gives you a storage space in case you want to re-use it for multiple camping trips or survival emergencies, but it's also disposable if you want to use a fresh blanket instead. The CPR Savers 52" x 82.5" Mylar Emergency Survival Blanket is durable, featuring high tensile strength mylar material which assures it will last through any weather condition, but can easily be layered for increased effectiveness.

Astronauts use layers of mylar insulation in their space suits in order to help protect them against the extreme temperatures of outer space, allowing them to survive. This material is built to help you survive the harshest conditions you can imagine, from a simple camping trip, to being stranded in the wilderness, and even conditions as dire as outer space.

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