CPRmeter 2
CPRmeter 2

CPRmeter 2

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In the early critical moments of a cardiac arrest, the CPRmeter 2 helps first responders optimize CPR performance by providing real-time feedback on essential parameters of CPR.

Quality Compressions — Every Time

The consensus is clear, high-quality CPR has been shown to save lives.1,2 But, how do you know if your teams are consistently delivering high-quality compressions? The CPRmeter 2 is a simple tool you can use to ensure high-quality compressions are delivered from all the providers on scene.3,4 The CPRmeter 2 provides real-time measured feedback on depth, rate and release of CPR, while also enabling providers to self-evaluate their performance with event statistics on the spot.

Quick and Easy Debriefing

Review key performance statistics of delivered compressions with one touch after the event. Resuscitation response scenes tend to be hectic with dispersing responders. Having instant access to objective key performance metrics can lead to quick feedback and debriefing, which has been shown to improve performance and outcomes.

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