Chemicals & Hazardous Waste Spills

Posted by Sam on 7/31/2020 to Safety Tips
Chemicals & Hazardous Waste Spills

With the current pandemic going strong and cleaning products still disappearing from shelves everywhere, now is a good time to go over common chemical hazards. Anything from spills to accidental mixtures and improper storage can create dangerous situations if proper precautions are not taken. Products like bleach and ammonia, although commonplace in households, are not only dangerous for the human body on their own but are fatal if combined.

What you need to know
Chemicals have a reduced risk of harm when handled properly. Most facilities have a trained professional that handles their chemicals with the right equipment and the proper background and training. Public brand cleaning supplies used in households and offices do not require special licenses and training but it is strongly recommended that anyone using these products read the labels and instructions carefully before use. Try not to combine any chemicals that you do not know with 100% certainty can be safely used together; wash with water in between using different products if you have to.

Who needs to know
Even if you only have one person assigned to handle the task, it is important that everyone in your household or company knows about the use of hazardous chemicals and has first aid training. In the event of an emergency, everyone should know the right steps to make sure everything is handled properly and everyone is safe.

Plan for the best and the worst
Make sure you are prepared for any and all kinds of emergencies and there is a clear guideline for what to do should a chemical spill occur. Small spills might just need a bit of powder and a hazard bag. A bigger spill might need you to evacuate and call the proper authorities. Make sure there is a plan and the right people know how to execute their jobs.

Spill Response: The Four Critical Steps

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