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Circumcision Trainer

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Circumcision services are being offered worldwide as part of HIV prevention services. A large number of health care workers are being trained to provide safe male circumcisions. The surgical skills of these providers are best developed through hands-on practice. Suturing speed is directly related to the amount of time spent practicing this skill. The Male Circumcision model was developed in conjunction with urologists to allow students to perfect their skills prior to circumcising actual patients. The model is designed with an inner core and an outer sleeve of pliable material. A dorsal slit or a forceps-guided circumcision can be performed using this training model. It is not designed for practicing sleeve circumcision. After the "foreskin" is cut off, the student can practice their suturing skills by sewing the cut edge of the foreskin to a specially-designed ridge on the inner core. Once suturing is complete, the sutures are removed and a new sleeve is placed over the inner core, allowing for another practice session. The core is designed for multiple uses.

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