Complete GERi Manikin
Complete GERi Manikin

Complete GERi Manikin

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Life/form presents the only patient care manikin that actually resembles a geriatric patient.

The Geri Nursing Skills Manikin is ideal for preparing students for working with real-life geriatric patients, since it features an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds. No other manikin on the market is so realistic and true-to-life. When compared to similar manikins, it features the best and most lifelike range of motion; Geri moves like a person, allows realistic patient positioning, and features nonpinching joints.

Life/form simulations are added for realism. The overall appearance of the manikin is female, however, removal of the wig and attachment of the male genitals converts it for male catheterization and prostate examination simulations.

Excellent for all levels of health care education… from nursing assistants to medical students. Ideal for all OBRA required training. Full five-year warranty.

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List of Components

  • Male and Female Genitalia
  • Wig
  • Dentures
  • Hearing Aid
  • 12 cc Syringe
  • Lubricant Spray
  • Fluid Drainage Basin
  • Stomach Reservoir Bag
  • Bladder Reservoir Bag
  • Bladder Reservoir Pressure Sleeve
  • 16 FR Foley Silicone Catheter
  • 140 cc Syringe
  • Enema Reservoir Bag
  • Serial number located on back of right shoulder

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