Devilbliss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator
Devilbliss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator

Devilbliss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator

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The new Devilbiss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator is smaller, quieter, and uses less energy. The 525DS is the latest Devilbiss Home Concentrator and provides improvements in size, sound and energy efficiency. Weighing only 37-lbs, the 525DS is 13-lbs lighter than the 515ADS models. Not only does this DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator lead the industry in reliability and durability, it provide unmatched patient safety. The new 525DS features an attractive minimalist design that is far less obtrusive in a patient's home and now comes standard with O2 Sense. This new compact concentrator provides unmatched performance, patient safety and ease of use.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • The new rotary valve is designed for durable, quiet performance. Life testing shows exceptional reliability for 10 million cycles (over 5 years of average use @ 5,000 hrs/yr).
  • The pressure compensated flow meter permits use of a long cannula while maintaining an accurate flow setting. The flow meter knob can also be locked for added patient safety.
  • Increased flow rates with decreased operating temperatures.
  • Longer life with less cup seal wear.
  • Redesigned, conformal coated circuit board.
  • Robust design, more tolerant of line voltage and noise fluctuations.
  • Longer lasting trouble-free life.
  • Lighter weight and more compact than most 5 LPM concentrators.
  • Easy to move and transport.
  • Fixed, recessed humidifier port.
  • Very convenient for humidifier bottle users.
  • Helps prevent humidifier bottle and connection breakage.
  • Pressure compensated flow meter.
  • Lifetime warranty on valve.

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