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Embryonic Development (12 Stage)
Embryonic Development (12 Stage)

Embryonic Development (12 Stage)

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This enlarged model represents the following stages of embryo development:
Ovule shortly after fertilization
Two-cell stage
Four-cell stage
Seven-cell stage
Morula stage
Blastocyst with trophoblast and embryoblast
Blastocyst with early formation of embryo process
Blastocyst with start of implantation
Embryo (approx. 12th day)
Embryo (approx. 20th day)
Embryo (approx. 28th day)
Embryo (approx. 2nd month)
The first 8 models are enlarged approx. 4,000 times, the other 4 models are enlarged approx. 4-5 times. The first 8 stages can be removed from the baseboard for closer study. Delivered in storage carton.

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