Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy-15th Edition
Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy-15th Edition

Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy-15th Edition

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This item has been discontinued. Please take a look at the Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy-16th Edition, or call us at 1-800-480-1277 to find a suitable replacement for your needs.

This guide examines workplace issues most likely to raise privacy concerns, including:
  • Employee and applicant tests
  • Confidentiality and access issues, involving employee records
  • Employee and applicant investigations
  • Employees' off-duty activities
  • Employee monitoring and surveillance
  • Employer's confidential and proprietary information
The Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy addresses privacy law throughout the United States and offers strategies for managing privacy issues. There are numerous, updated state law summaries, including background investigations, immigration, marijuana use, smoking, cell phone use, meetings involving political speech, and other topics.
It also includes easily reproducible employer checklists for medical and psychological testing, skills testing, criminal history checks, credit investigations, medical records privacy, and other topics. There are over a dozen sample policies, including smoking, personal appearance, interpersonal relationships, workplace searches, and more. 
The Employer's Guide to Workplace Privacy includes information on current, topical issues, including these and more: 
  • Discussion of the right of employees to use Social Media under the National Labor Relations Act · U.S. Supreme Court case involving background investigations of employees
  • Updated sections on drug and alcohol testing, including the use of medical marijuana and state law summaries
  • Recent case law regarding psychological testing, e-mail and the attorney-client privilege, online social networking, and trade secrets
  • Updated section on alternative lifestyles, including federal and state law regarding same-sex relationships and discrimination based on gender identity

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