Fire Blankets

Emergency Fire Blanket

Be prepared for a home, office or school emergency. Wool fire blankets are fire retardant and are important to have in addition to a fire extinguisher on site at your facility for emergencies.

CPR Savers & First Aid Supply is the leader in first aid & cpr supplies, fire blankets, fire blanket wraps, burn first aid kits, fire protection products, blankets, burn dressings, burn gel & burn cream, burn spray, fire extinguishers, fire/gas masks, water jel products, emergency evacuation & fire safety equipment.

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Fire Blanket
Fire Blanket with Case
Fire Blanket and Bag
Fire Blanket with Case
Rust Proof PVC Canister
Wrap-Around Fire Blanket Kit
Wrap Around Fire Blanket Only
Fire Blanket and Cabinet
Fire Blanket Bag Only
Wrap-Around Fire Cabinet Only
Fire Blanket Cabinet Only
Fire Blanket - 36
Currently Unavailable
Fire Blanket - 60
Currently Unavailable
Fire Trauma Blanket 98
Currently Unavailable
Fire Trauma Blanket 48
Currently Unavailable
Fire Trauma Blanket 48
Currently Unavailable
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