Funding and the CARES Act

Posted by Rachel on 7/2/2020 to Medical Regulations
Funding and the CARES Act

Most people wouldn’t think of school right in the middle of summer, but with the pandemic still going strong, a lot of things have changed and we have an uncertain future ahead of us. To assist in the ongoing efforts to get back on track to normal, the US Department of Education has authorized aid for higher education institutes as part of the CARES Act.

Separate from the individual stimulus checks and small business loans, the CARES Act provides 30 billion dollars specifically for educational institutes. Both K-12 and universities may benefit from this funding. 50% of it is meant to be used by students affected by the institutional shutdown, with the other funds supporting initiatives such as healthcare workforce education, training equipment, distance learning, and expense reimbursement.

This means that, for a limited time, there are thousands of dollars ready and available for educators out there to put to use. Teachers can update their equipment to help mold gifted students, employers can finally provide the training that workers would need in an emergency, and any higher education institute can use these funds to help pupils impacted by the pandemic.

We are proud to bring you all the supplies you need in order to take advantage of the CARES Act funds. Our educational CPR manikins are the perfect way to get a jump start on first aid training for your staff and students. Please reach out to us directly to learn more information about CARES Act funding and solutions offered to you by CPR Savers!

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