Gaumard CPR Link
Gaumard CPR Link

Gaumard CPR Link

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CPR Link provideas Teaching and Testing Stations designed for use by either the indivdual student or an entire group.


  • Teach CPR for Adults, Children, and Neonates
  • Monitor the compression and ventilation waveforms produced by your students
  • Show the waveform results to your students
  • Save as many results as you wish on your computers
  • Print only shose results you need
CPRLink connects between any Gaumard CPR simulator and any computer having an XP operating system.

System Components

  • CPRLink module linking simulator with your computer
  • Interactive software featuring color graphics, teaching and testing stations
  • BLS manual published by the AHA (American Heart Association)
  • Cable connection from CPRLink to your computer
  • Carrying bag

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