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H&H K-9 Trauma Kit
H&H K-9 Trauma Kit

H&H K-9 Trauma Kit

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Stop the Bleed: H&H K-9 Trauma Kit

Officers who team with working dogs face daily risks to their lives. These dogs have been punched, stabbed, poisoned and shot by fleeing suspects. Those who work in Search & Rescue, Tracking, Apprehension and Explosive Detection teams have an increased risk of injury due to extreme environmental conditions, poisoning, or explosion.

The H&H K-9 Trauma Kit is designed to enable handlers to provide lifesaving treatment to injured canines at the point of injury or when veterinary care is not immediately available. The H&H K-9 Trauma Kit puts the essential trauma response products for you and your working dog within easy reach. Designed to be carried on the belt or in a MOLLE, the kit's contents represent the best in essential, immediate care for life-threatening injuries. Designed for all weather and all elements. the H&H K-9 Trauma Kit is light, compact, and ready for use.

Each H&H K-9 Trauma Kit is packed in a durable red cordura nylon pouch for easy visibility. Each contains one of the following:

  • SWAT-T Orange Tourniquet, perfect for use with adults, children, and on canine. Designed to work as a tourniquet and as a compression dressing.
  • H&H Compressed Gauze, made from high-grade crinkle fluff cotton gauze for wound packing and wound wrapping.
  • H&H Mini Compression Bandage, our smallest but fully functioning compression bandage with an absorbent 4" x 6" ABD pad.
  • H&H Hypothermia Blanket, large enough to wrap your working dog or yourself to reduce shock and remain warm.
  • H&H DualSeal Chest Seal two-pack, our proven hydrogel chest seals in a smaller twin pack to seal two wounds.
  • Red Klever Kutter safety cutter to cut away string, rope, or debris from a wound.
  • A pair of Nilrile Gloves to protect the handler while treating your working dog.

The kit comes pre-packed and sealed, ready for deployment.

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