Heartisense Premium Kit

Posted by Andrew on 12/10/2018 to Medical Regulations
Heartisense Premium Kit

Update your CPR manikin into a smart CPR manikin

Ready to take CPR training into the digital age? The Heartisense Premium Kit has you covered.

It was only a matter of time before technological advancements made their way to the CPR training community. By January 31st, 2019, AHA is requiring teachers to use manikins that provides instrumented directive feedback to students.

Prestan manikins with monitors already comply, but others may not. AHA requires real-time audio or visual feedback on compression rate and depth that falls under one of these categories:

  1. Device that can be added to and used with existing manikins
  2. Device built into manikin
  3. Device that can be used as a monitor or defibrillator with manikins or;
  4. A high-fidelity manikin (or computer-aided)

The Heartisense Premium Kit works with CPR Prompt, Basic Buddy, and all other manikins needing the AHA 2019 update to be compliant, enabling accurate and effective training and assessment.

It consists of apps and a sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin currently lacking CPR feedback function, and provides real-time feedback and a realistic interface. It controls up to 6 manikins at a time, while digitally saving all training and assessment data.

Each kit includes:

  • Premium compression pad
  • Control module
  • Breath module
  • Breath module holder (A,B) punch
  • Punch guide
  • Battery (1.5V "AA")
  • Quick user guide
  • Sponge (For Prestan manikin)
  • Heartisense student and instructor apps

So don't delay -- be sure you're 2019 AHA compliant with the Heartisense Premium Kit!

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