Hurricane Safety

Posted by Elijah H. on 6/12/2017
Hurricane Safety

No one minds being rocked like a hurricane if it’s at the hands of 80’s hit band Scorpians! However, being rocked by an actual hurricane wouldn’t be such a good experience. The horrors of a hurricanes are all too real, and if you aren’t prepared, and fail to take the necessary precautions. When it comes to knowing the basics and beyond, luckily experts at CDC have been consistent about keeping the public updated on tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe from this unavoidable disaster.

With it being the month of June, the annual hurricane season is officially upon us. Of course it’s important to be aware that the Atlantic oceans hurricane season is considered to extend from June and slip into the beginning of Winter. Although the Atlantic seems quite a ways away for those on the West Coast of the United states, scientist at The U.S. Global Change Research Program (an association established by Presidential Initiative in 1989) believe that the ferocious nature of hurricanes are growing due to the increase in temperature and overall climate change. Which is believed to be the cause of abnormal storm patterns in present day, making it harder to predict the lifespan or travel distance of the bigger storms that may be to come. This makes mass awareness a point of importance for the general public, and disaster kits something that should be a regular household item. But just having the kit isn’t all that it takes to withstand a natural disaster. Tips from CDC include.

  • Establish an emergency plan for yourself, your pets, and the loved ones in your home.
  • Acquire proper equipment for not only your house, but also your car, and your destination.
  • Be aware of the local news in order to be informed of evacuation orders, and routes before a storm hits
  • Keep any household pets in mind, as well as the elderly.
  • Remain calm, and positive in the event of the disaster if possible.

As always, knowledge provided by the CDC is endless, and conveniently accessible. They’ve provided much for education on the type of supplies needed for preparing for a disaster. Find the links to this information and more resources below! Don’t let the next hurricane rock you or your loved ones. Equip yourself with tools of knowledge and top of the line first aid supplies. Preparation makes things preventable.

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