Intrinsically Safe Lifting Bridle
Intrinsically Safe Lifting Bridle

Intrinsically Safe Lifting Bridle

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NEW Spec Pak Intrinsically Safe (Non-Sparking) Spreader Bar was designed for confined space operations when extended hand times orf a patient is anticipated. Spreader Bar is connected to chest D-rings on Spec Pak. The spreader Bar is attached to a 2:1 Pick strap of the suspension system to allow for semi-sitting and semi-vertical (80 degrees) positioning of the patient. This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of the development of suspension syndrome. Head Strap allows is easily adjustable with the use of a 6kN rated quick-adjust buckle to adjust suspended patient angle from 45-80 degrees. Lifting bridle has full strength 22.2 kN rating. All carabiners and connectors are included. All hardware in the system is made from Aluminum or Stainless Steel components to reduce any chance of sparking. SWL/WLL 2.3kN. MBS 23 kN.

Complete Bridle Kit Includes:

- Spreader Bar w/swivel and carabiner connectors
- 2:1 Pick off Strap w/Stainless Steel Hardware
- Head adjuster strap to adjust patient suspension angle.
- Yates 1162 ANSI carabiner to connect spreader bar to the suspension system.

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