KEMP Head Immobilizer
KEMP Head Immobilizer

KEMP Head Immobilizer

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The KEMP Head Immobilizer is easy to use and is compatible with all spineboards on the market, except for EG and CJ boards.

Our immobilizers feature side blocks with wide fast-stick closures for a snug fit and up to 50% more support surface.

The KEMP Head Immobilizer has large circular ear holes to monitor bleeding and fluid drainage. It also comes with 2 head/chin straps and a base plate that adheres easily to the board.

The KEMP Head Immobilizer has no metal components and can be worn during x-rays, MRI and CT scan procedures. It’s waterproof and buoyant, so it can be used for water rescues. Can easily be cleaned and disinfected for reuse. When purchasing head immobilizers, keep in mind all that head immobilizers aren’t equal and don’t settle for imitations.

Our head immobilizer may cost more, but we are using the highest grade of foam, and our dipping process is the best so it will last.


2.6 lbs.

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