Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer
Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer

Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer

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The Trainer is designed to help trainee anesthetists acquire the necessary tactile skills for epidural anesthesia prior to hands-on patient experience. If the epidural needle is inserted too deeply a slight resistance is felt before the needle penetrates the dura. Features found in the trainer include:
  • Tactile and visual access to the lumbar spine, the epidural space and the dural sac
  • Can be positioned in lying or lateral recumbent position
  • Spinous processes and the interspinous spaces are palpable beneath the skin
  • Epidural injection is carried out using either air or saline to detect loss of resistance and if accidental dural puncture occurs, "cerebrospinal fluid" will appear
  • Can be easily dissembled at any time to show position of needle during penetration
  • Consists of skin, muscle layer, ligamentum flavum, vertebral bones and intra-spinal ligament
Supplied with an all-metal Tuohy needle and a loss of resistance syringe.

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