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Lung Model with Larynx (7-Part)
Functional Larynx (2.5X Life-Size)
Larynx (2X Life-Size, 7-Part)
Larynx (2-Part)
Larynx with Bronchial Tree
Lung Model (Life-Size, 5-Part)
Sponge Lung Demo Kit
Inflatable Swine Lungs
BioQuest Inflatable Lungs Kit
Inflatable Smoker's Lungs
Small Mammalian Lung Kit
Dual Lungs Comparison Kit
Dual Lung Rack Update Kit
Giant Functional Larynx
Segmented Lung - w/ 3B Smart Anatomy
Human Lungs: Color Coded Segments
Lung Rack And Tray (For BioQuest Lungs)
Currently Unavailable
Tobacco: A Smashing Curriculum
Currently Unavailable
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