OSHA ANSI First Aid Kit Revisions

Posted by CPR Savers and First Aid Supply on 6/23/2016 to Medical Regulations

The New ANZI Z308.1-2015 Guidelines

The New Guidelines introduces two classes of first aid kits.

Class A Kits are designed for most common types of workplace injuries

Class B Kits are designed for a broader range and quantity of supplies for injuries in more complex, high risk environments.

CPR Savers and First Aid Supply can help supply all your First Aid Kit essentials. Please visit our special ANSI OSHA First Aid Kits page or our First Aid Supplies Page.

Supplies2015 Class A Kits2015 Class B KitsMinimum Size2009 Kits
Adhesive Bandages16501" x 3"16
Adhesive Tape122.5 yd1
Antibiotic Application10250.5g6
Breathing Barrier11
Burn Dressing124" x 4"
Burn Treatment10250.9g6
Cold Pack124" x 5"
Eye Covering2229 sq. in.
Eye/Skin Wash11 oz
Eye/Skin Wash14 oz
First Aid Guide11
Hand Santizer6100.9g
Medical Exam Gloves2 Pair4 Pair2 Pair
Roller Bandage122" x 4yd
Roller Bandage14" x 4yd
Splint14" x 24"
Sterile Pad243" x 3"4
Splint14" x 24"
Trauma Pad245" x 9"1
Triangular Bandage1240" x 40" x 56"1
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