OSHA Recordkeeping Software (1-3 Users)
OSHA Recordkeeping Software (1-3 Users)

OSHA Recordkeeping Software (1-3 Users)

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The Version 10.0 CD offers these features and benefits:
  • Designed as a client/server application with three license options: 1-3 users (default); 4-10 users; 11-100 users.
  • Increased protection of sensitive data: administrator and user accounts requiring a user id and password.
  • Easy-to-use functionality to import, export, as well as migrate data from OSHA Recordkeeping Software versions 7, 8, and 9.
  • Version 10.0 incorporates a step-by-step expert system that guides a user through the details of entering an incident, helping ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. There are optional data fields to record comments and the last four digits of an employee’s SSN, along with details on the type of loss. The Users Guide is easily accessible with a mouse click. 
Additional features include these and more:
  • Help topics explaining OSHA rules and posting and reporting requirements, including: HIPAA regulations; OSHA posting requirements, both federal as well as state-specific information; and OSHA reporting requirements, including federal information and state-specific information.
  • Reports to help analyze injury and illness data, such as: the Comprehensive Incident Report that shows data for both recordable and non-recordable incidents; the Privacy Concern Case List that links privacy concern case numbers to employee names and omits personal identifiers; and the Incidence Rate Report that helps identify problems and measure progress correcting work-related incidents.
  • Four Wizards to further help users comply with recordkeeping rules: (1.) Am I Exempt from Recordkeeping? (2.) Is This a New Case? (3.) Is Incident Recordable? (4.) Is This a Privacy Concern Case?
  • Designed for Windows 2000 with SP 4/XP/Vista
  • System Requirements: at least 150 MB free on the hard drive of the server machine and at least 100 MB free on the hard drive of each client machine.
ISBN: 9780735572768
Format: CD
Last Updated: July 2009

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