OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers
OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers

OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers

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The OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers provides medical employers with the framework for a safety training program. It is an essential tool for complying with OSHA regulations and for reducing common workplace injuries.
Key features of the OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers include training tips and techniques, trainer materials, employee handouts and quizzes, as well as Safety Kit Meeting materials for quick refresher training sessions.
Updates and improvements in this edition:
  • New quizzes and answer sheets for each training module
  • New information on OSHA recordkeeping enforcement for employers with safety incentive programs and the new OSHA memo on presenting training in a manner that employees can understand
  • Information on exposure to potentially infectious animal blood and body fluids; infectious diseases including XMRV, C. difficile, avian flu, and 2009 H1N1 influenza; transporting sharps disposal containers, and more
    New safety kit meeting materials for respirator care and inspection, sonographers and vascular technicians, endoscopy personnel and healthcare laundry workers
The OSHA Training Guide for Medical Employers focuses on 13 important areas for training in the modern medical workplace. It provides an in-depth treatment of these critical training areas:
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Electrical safety (awareness level only)
  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation
  • Hazardous chemicals in laboratories
  • Hazard communication (employee right-to-know)
  • Infection control
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Medical office ergonomics
  • Medical waste
  • Patient handling safety
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Walking and working surfaces
  • Workplace violence prvention
ISBN: 9781599593074
Format: Looseleaf in Binder
Last Updated: 2014

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