Otto Ostomy™ Model - Advanced with case
Otto Ostomy™ Model - Advanced with case

Otto Ostomy™ Model - Advanced with case

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Purchase Otto Ostomy and the Otto Ostomy Stoma Package-Advanced together for a $200 savings!
0300 - Otto Ostomy Includes anodized aluminum base, clear torso shell with four openings for stoma placement, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, kidneys, ureters and bladder, ileal conduit, two sections of small intestine, two adaptor connectors (to demonstrate loop stoma with either the small or large intestine), four stomas: 7/8" diameter, 2" diameter, 7/8" with two 3" stents (to be used with the ileal conduit), loop stoma with rod, and user manual.
Otto Ostomy Stoma Package-Advanced includes the following: 7/8" Diameter Stoma, 2" Diameter Stoma, Urostomy Stoma with 3" Stents in place, Loop Stoma with Rod, Loop Stoma without rod, Double Barrel Stoma, Oval Stoma, Mushroom Stoma, Prolapsed Stoma, 3" Diameter Stoma, Granulomas Stoma, Necrotic Stoma, Ischemic Stoma, In-Skin-Fold Stoma, Parastomal Hernia Stoma, Mucocutaneous Separation Stoma, Recessed Stoma, Flush Stoma, lleal Conduit, Small Intestine Loop, Small Intestine Loop Adapter and Large Intestine Loop Adapter.

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