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Pacific Northwest Employer's Guide
Pacific Northwest Employer's Guide

Pacific Northwest Employer's Guide

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Whether you’re a business owner, supervisor, manager, or human resources professional, in Washington or Oregon, the Pacific Northwest Employer’s Guide from Blue Gavel Press provides you with the information necessary to understand the technical and legal aspects of the employment relationship.
Knowing your legal responsibilities as an employer can be confusing. Laws are added and amended constantly. However, the Pacific Northwest Employer’s Guide is updated annually and free of legal-speak, allowing you to comply with state and federal laws and avoid civil and criminal penalties.
The Pacific Northwest Employer's Guide contains 10 chapters, providing an in-depth look at the most important aspects of the employment relationship, including: Hiring; Managing Employees and Personnel Costs; Termination of Employment; Health and Safety; Employment Discrimination; Wages, Hours, and Child Labor; Employee Benefits and Leave; Workplace Privacy; and Unions and Government Contractors.
ISBN: 9781599593562
Format: Looseleaf in Binder
Last Updated: 2012

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