Polar Skin C2E Ice Pack Bundle
Polar Skin C2E Ice Pack Bundle

Polar Skin C2E Ice Pack Bundle

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The Polar Skin C2E Ice Pack Bundle consists of four (4) specially-sized Comfort Gel Packs encased in Polar Skin Mini-Mesh sleeves saturated with ArcticAqua. Unique to C2E Ice Packs, Polar Skin Mini-Mesh sleeves form an air-permeable layer that allows for the movement of air and water vapor necessary for convective and evaporative cooling. C2E Ice Packs are intended for use in the high blood flow regions of the groin and underarms.


  • Facilitates conductive, convective, and evaporative cooling
  • Four specially-sized Comfort Gel Packs providing protracted direct cooling of high blood flow (large artery) regions of the body (underarms and groin)
  • Maintenance free; impervious to environmental and biological contamination
  • Allows for full access to the body while cooling
  • Adheres to current National Athletic Trainers Association and U.S. Army protocols for heat illness treatment


  • Individual Gel Pack: W 6 in. x L 10 in.
  • Packaged: L 8 in. x W 9.5 in. x H 1.25 in.
  • Weight: 4.4 lb

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