QR Personal Retention Lanyard w/ Lg Shackle
QR Personal Retention Lanyard w/ Lg Shackle

QR Personal Retention Lanyard w/ Lg Shackle

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Designed using the first all-black, nonreflective, oxide plated quick-release shackle made of stainless steel by Ronstan. The release mechanism has a unique pinned swivel to allow easier release at various release tab pull angles. The extra heavy-duty snap shackle has a large diameter plunger which allows for much easier release while under a full 300 lb load. Snap shackle has a WML of 4410 Lbs and an MBS of 8820 lbs. This is twice over twice the strength of the shackle used in the standard 563 lanyards. Quick-release shackle uses velcro to secure the release tab in place to lessen the chance of inadvertent release.  Built with NEW Custom-made 5000lb. mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing weave pattern but wider( 1 1/8" width). New webbing has better cut resistance than standard 1" mil-spec 5625 tubular webbings. Lanyard rated strength 4275 lbf. (19kN). Made in the USA.

• Available in terra and black webbing, Shackle black oxide coated.
• Length retracted 21 inches
• Length fully extended 32 inches
• Length extended with carabiner 36 inches
• Grade 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel body and hasp which is Black Oxide non-reflective coated.
• Grade 316 stainless steel plunger swivel pin and spring

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