QuickClot ACS Sponge (100 GR)
QuickClot ACS Sponge (100 GR)

QuickClot ACS Sponge (100 GR)

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This item has been discontinued. Please call us at 1-800-480-1277 so we can help you find a suitable replacement for your needs.

New cooler formulation and delivery system. Beads contained in a porous fabric that allows them to come into direct contact with blood in a wound and quickly stop bleeding. Effective packing into high-pressure bleeding wounds saving precious seconds and further limiting blood loss. Will not blow around in windy environments. Fast, clean removal in post trauma. Tracer bead included in each sponge for X-ray imaging.
  • Actually helps blood to clot—doesn’t act as an absorbent
  • Proven to improve survivability of severe wounds
  • Stops bleeding faster—reducing the need for adding fluids, reducing ambulance clean up time and return-to-service time

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