Rappel Master Adj. Lanyard w/shockstop & 917 Carabiners
Rappel Master Adj. Lanyard w/shockstop & 917 Carabiners

Rappel Master Adj. Lanyard w/shockstop & 917 Carabiners

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Part Number:571-CEC
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For use as an adjustable length personal retention lanyard for Rappel Masters, Crew Chiefs and Riggers. Designed to connect to users harness and to fixed surface or helo rappel point via unique New DMM captive Eye Carabiner. Built with mil-spec 4000 lbf (18 kN) 5625 tubular webbing. Lanyard rated strength 3400 lbf. (15kN). The lanyard has an adjustable length using Yates adjustable daisy chain system. The adjuster buckle has a strength of 6 kN.High strength hot-forged aluminum alloy captive eye carabiner. Unique patented "Locksafe" three-stage autolocking gate mechanism allows for 3600 lbf. (16kN) gate strength. 100% Proof loaded to 3,600 lbf (16kN). Minimum strength 6750 lbf. (30kN). Carabiner NSN: 8465-99-151-3939

Certified to: ANSI/ASSE Z359.12(09)-1992. EN362-2004 and CSA Z259.12-11. Lanyard Made in the USA.

Yates SCREAMER Shock absorber added for energy absorption. In the event an activation force of 2.5 kN (600 lbs) is exerted on the lanyard during a fall the SCREAMER has the potential to absorb 2-3 kN of energy if fully activated (11 inches).

• Available in terra and black
• Length retracted 18 inches
• Length fully extended 47 inches


 The 571-CEC Rappel Master Adjustable Lanyard is the ideal law enforcement helicopter safety lanyard for securing SWAT personnel to hard anchor points within the aircraft while shooting. Vetted in all three major helicopters in use by law enforcement (Bell, MD Douglas & Airbus) by Tacflow Aerial Platform Operations Instructor Mark Lang. “Quick to deploy the adjustability of the lanyard is key in a moving platform. It allows for the end-user to adjust in-flight how tight or loose they want to be while performing certain shooting approaches by manipulating the daisy chain with their support hand. I’ve not found a better lanyard for aerial shooting and highly endorse it to my students and law enforcement agencies.”      

Mark Lang

[email protected]


Available Colors Black, Terra
Length Extended 47 Inches
Length Retracted 18 Inches
Origin Made in the USA

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