Realistic Suture Pad w/ Gel Tech (8" x 5")
Realistic Suture Pad w/ Gel Tech (8' x 5')

Realistic Suture Pad w/ Gel Tech (8" x 5")

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For doctors and medical students who want to practice with the best tools available, we offer the highest-quality, hyper-realistic suture pad. This suture pad is made with a gel layer to represent a hyper-realistic layer of fat. This is our most realistic pad, but extra care must be taken to ensure that it does not warp or separate. Because of the highly-realistic nature of this pad, it must stay in a dark, cool environment, and may only be used a dozen times. There are three layers, representing skin, fat, and muscle. Incisions may be made with a scalpel (not included). All products are guaranteed to be the highest quality for the best price.

  • Hyper-Realistic for a fraction of the cost of similar products
  • Middle gel layer means suture pad is softer and allows for elasticity (like real skin)
  • Large enough for multiple incisions to be made
  • 3 Separate Layers -- Skin / Fat / Muscle 
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