SAM Splint 36" (Roll and Flat options)
SAM Splint 36' (Roll and Flat options)

SAM Splint 36" (Roll and Flat options)

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Sawyer's first aid 36-inch long SAM splint helps protect and immobilize injured extremities such as arms and legs. The lightweight 4 ounce, compact and easy to transport SAM splint affixes to injured limbs with any tape or wrap. Built from a thin core of aluminum alloy and sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, the SAM splint bends into any of three simple curves to give the splint strength and immobilize a fractured or injured limb. The SAM splint is extremely moldable and soft enough to cut with ordinary household scissors. Radiolucent splint can remain taped to injured extremity during X-rays. The waterproof splint is easy to clean and re-shapeable for multiple reuses.

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