Safe and Happy travels for the Holidays!

Posted by Sam on 12/24/2019 to Safety Tips
Safe and Happy travels for the Holidays!

With the winter season upon us, even here in Arizona it is starting to get uncomfortably cold on this overcast, and rainy Tuesday morning. Especially during the early morning hours before the sun rises, with the traffic and Christmas lights dancing off the thin layer of treacherous water covering the dark asphalt- it is important that we stay cautious. We can only imagine how bitter cold it could be as ice melts on our jacket shoulders, we wait for the heater to work its magic, while feeling rushed to get to work for one last day before that exciting holiday where most companies and retail stores across the country close their doors, and employees can spend time with their families.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation during the Christmas and New years holiday season in 2018 there were 1,093 motor vehicle crash fatalities in the U.S. Numbers affected by the increased travel time, more alcohol use, and excessive driving speed. These statistics do happen every year with the holiday season being the most hectic, , so taking steps to stay safe is crucial.

Take care of yourself
  • The best and most influential thing you can do to prepare for any trip, is take care of yourself. Rest and Relaxation before travel is important, as we don’t want anyone falling asleep at the wheel, and the better reaction time you have paying attention on the road, the better off you are!

Stay one step ahead
  • Preparing for your trip, hands-free entertainment, planned pit stops, entertainment for the little ones, snacks, and a full tank of gas. The little, but most important things that make a long drive that much easier. Some people find making a list to be helpful in these cases, as well.
Keep family updated
  • With apps like google maps it is really nice being able to track your journey conveniently on your phone screen, but unfortunately for those that might be waiting for you to reach your destination they really cant watch your progress in real time. Keeping in touch is a great way to stay safe and ensure they worry less specially when riding alone.

Whether you are just going around the block for Christmas, or traveling thousands of miles by plane, making sure you arrive safely to your destination is always the best gift you could give yourself and your family for the Holidays.


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