SandMANikin™ (Filled)
SandMANikin™ (Filled)

SandMANikin™ (Filled)

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*A sand-filled SandMANikin™ will ship on a pallet and incur an additional $250 Shipping Fee.

The SandMANikin is a rescue manikin that can withstand intense training scenarios and is easy to interact with. Built from the toughest materials, the sand manikin can handle the toughest training requirements. In addition, to crush-resistant materials, the manikin comes with a uni-shell covering. The flexible design and uniform weight distribution give the manikin a realistic feel. To ensure structural integrity, the packets are sewn in place and are held in place with polypropylene webbing. The manikin also has the anatomically correct weight distribution to give the "feel" of a real live person. Furthermore, these manikins are tough and can survive a 2-3 story drop and take no damage. To make things even better, the Polyester is waterproof, making the manikin suitable for training in wet or dry conditions as it can be easily cleaned and dried. With all these features you can simulate a variety of scenarios and make sure that you are prepared for everything. And finally, to top things off this manikin is sold at an affordable price making it a worthwhile investment.

If you would like a specific weighted SandMANikin™, please contact us at 1-800-480-1277

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