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SimPad Only

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This item has been discontinued and replaced by the SimPad Plus System. Please call us at 1-800-480-1277 if further assistance is necessary.

When simulation tools are easy to use, teaching becomes more effective. SimPad has been designed in close collaboration with simulation users, from many disciplines, to ensure it provides an easy and efficient way to run simulations.
SimPad gives you the confidence to know that you can run simulations quickly and efficiently. With its large, intuitive touch screen design, SimPad is virtually a "Pick up and Play" experience, allowing you to easily deliver highly effective simulation-based education.
With SimPad, you'll spend less time learning how to use the technology, and more time teaching. SimPad will improve your ability to deliver valid, high quality simulations more efficiently. It's an easier way to achieve your learning objectives.
Backward Compatible
SimPad is backward compatible with the VitalSim platform and will take your simulation program to a new level. So, overnight SimPad and your older manikins can transform the learning to be a truly immersive simulation experience.
You can apply more relevant functionality to your existing VitalSim products - such as an intuitive touchscreen with Automatic Mode and Manual Mode. In addition, there is a portable patient monitor that includes SpO2 and temperature parameters, and the Log Viewer application. You will now be able to maximize the potential of every learning experience.
SimPad can also be used with non-manikin simulations, such as standardized patients or task trainers. Simply run the scenario in Automatic Mode, log the learning events and use the Log Viewer application for post-event debriefing and evaluation.
Experience a new level of simulation mobility
Picture what total mobility can do for your simulation learning experience. With SimPad you'll be able to help learners prepare for any situation or environment, which will enhance the learning experience like never before.
SimPad's portability will make set up time and transportation faster, easier and more convenient. But ultimately, it's the freedom you'll have to make training more clinically relevant that will change the readiness of students to provide the best patient care.
A world of simulation resources in the palm of your hand
Having access to the teaching and management resources you need, when you need them, can make all the difference in the simulation learning. Whether you're training on a simulator, task trainer, or with a standardized patient, you'll be able to teach with increased confidence knowing that you're an integrated part of a bigger simulation community. This will truly make simulation easier!

With SimPad, you'll have access to teaching and management resources to support your educational needs. SimPad provides access to SimCenter to provide validated simulation content, management tools and assessment tools to get the most from every teaching experience.

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