Single-Sided Skin Pad (6 x 9 cm)
Single-Sided Skin Pad (6 x 9 cm)

Single-Sided Skin Pad (6 x 9 cm)

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An innovative non biological trainer is the Cricotracheotomy Trainer that simulates the laryngeal body tissue.
Use of a simple disposable trachea transforms the trainer into a very effective low cost system.
  • Up to 18 Tracheostomies or 36 Cricothyroidostomies can be performed on a single component
  • Palpable anatomical presence is achieved with comparatively easy identification of the cricothyroid cartilage and the thyroid cartilage
  • Responsive incision making
  • Effective alternative to use of animal tissue
  • Supported in a strong and immoveable base
  • Strong sucker feet secure the trainer during use

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