Skedco Personal Bailout Kit
Skedco Personal Bailout Kit

Skedco Personal Bailout Kit

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*Meet or Exceed NFPA 1983 Standard**
This kit is designed for escape from fire environments and/or disabled construction and service equipment. 
Technora decomposes at 900 deg (500°C). It is usable at 390°C for long periods of time and maintains half of its strength at 482°C.
If there is no anchor available, insert the window anchor into the lower corner of a window at approximately a 45 degree angle. Maintain tension on the rope and anchor to prevent it from slipping out of place. Climb out the window and rappel to a safer place.
DANGER: Failure to maintain tension on the rope attached to the window anchor could allow the anchor to move out of place resulting in injury or death. It is extremely important to train with this kit prior to putting it into use in a real escape situation. It is the user’s responsibility to train on and understand the use of this equipment. Available in Orange or Black. Made in USA.
Skedco Bailout/Escape kit includes:
  • Skedco Window Rappel Anchor - SK-765 (1)
  • 65' of 5/16" Technora® escape rope
  • SMC 18501 aluminum carabiners (2)
  • SMC mini escape 8 (1)
  • Skedco escape kit pouch (1)

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