Skedco Window Rappel Anchor
Skedco Window Rappel Anchor

Skedco Window Rappel Anchor

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Skedco’s unique anchor design allows escape from burning buildings where there are no other anchors available. This is your “Last Chance Bailout” device. It will fold to be carried in a holster or bailout kit. When used, the ends are extended, a carabiner is placed into the holes in both parts and the anchor is placed into the lower corner of a window and a rope is attached.
It is necessary to keep tension on your rope to prevent the anchor from slipping out of position. This anchor keeps your rope farther away from the flames which gives you a little more time to descend to safety.
**Exceeds NFPA 1983 Standard**
Meansure in 5" x 6" x 5/8". MBS 5,000 lbs. Available in Red or Black. Made in USA.

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