Sun Exposure

Posted by Kat on 6/2/2017 to Safety Tips
Sun Exposure

Our skin is an important part of our body. Skin is the largest organ in a human. It covers our entire skeletal structure, and can become a painful inconvenience when, and if it gets damaged. Bruises, cuts, scrapes, and even sunburn. Sunburn is a silent attacker that has gotten over one third of adults, and almost one third of the teen population.

Over all, damage is caused by the exposure of UVA, and UVB rays to the skins surface. Through extended periods of time, your skin will begin to burn on the outer layer. Keep in mind that not all skin damage is visible, but when burned by the sun your skin will turn red, become dry, swell, or even blister depending on the severity. The inner layers of the skin below the surface retain heat in your skin cells and can make you feel as though you have a fever or even cause hot flashes. Nausea, headache, reduced urination, weakness, fatigue, confusion, dehydration, and chills are signs of a more intense sunburn. Below are a few tips to help heal and ease your sunburn from home:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help your skin restore its elasticity and help ease irritation from tightening of the skin.
  • Protect your skin from more exposure: Apply BROAD SPECTRUM Sunblock to exposed skin, wear light colored clothing that reflects the sun’s rays away from your body (Black is a sponge for the sun), protective head ware, and protective eye wear.
  • Remove heat trapped within damaged skin cells: Cold compresses, a cool bath, or rubbing gels that contain: Aloe, Menthol, or Camphor work well. (Chill tip: Leave gel in the fridge for a bit before applying for an even cooler touch) Be consistent with applying gel, and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Over the counter pain reliever: Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Bayer, Bufferin, Naproxen, Bayer, Aleve, Motrin, Advil, and Naprosyn are all examples to help ease the pain.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar has been said to be used to help expunge the heat trapped beneath the skin. Applying with a cold wash cloth, cotton ball, or even adding it into a chilled bath.

It’s best to avoid getting a sunburn in the first place over having to treat a sunburn. Skin cancer is a serious condition and some survivors claim they never saw any visible signs of damage on their skin in the first place. The sun is at its strongest intensity between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. With that being the most active hours for children, be mindful of you, and your loved ones’ sun exposure to cut down or even cease any further occurrences. Staying hydrated, and knowledgeable can only benefit you when it really comes down to it.

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