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Posted by CPR Savers on 10/13/2016 to Emergency Care
Earthquakes in California are nothing new. The San Andreas Fault extends roughly 800 miles, after all. And scientists have warned people to prepare for the next “Big One” since 2006 (a 7.0 or higher earthquake). Over the last week, San Bernardino shut down City Hall in a preemptive measure to limit damage in case a big earthquake occurred. Concerns over the structure extended to schools and homes as families prepared for a possible emergency as well.

Despite all our technology, scientists cannot accurately predict exactly when an earthquake will occur which is why preparation is key in order to ensure safety and survival. The best they can do is offer rough estimates of when an earthquake can occur during a certain time period. The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management put out a statistic showing how quick warning times are when compared to the distance from the quake. It’s not much time. So if you live in a location that is prone to earthquakes there are a couple things that could come in handy. Of course, you need to have an astute sense of what to do during an emergency.

You also could use a survival kit.The Urban Survivor kit, for instance, helps prepare an individual to survive for at least 72 hours. It’s easy to carry around and contains all the necessary tools and first aid items to get you through a severe earthquake situation. The Personal Evacuation Emergency Kit, which includes, flashlights, a respirator mask and an emergency blanket, also provides safety for unexpected tremors and is a sound option for those wanting something smaller. So if you’re checking your furniture or home in preparation for a possible earthquake, don’t forget survival kits either!

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