Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

Posted by Andrew on 5/17/2019 to Safety Tips
Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

Summer is almost here! Whether your calendar is jam-packed, or you’re taking a relaxing vacation, summer is a time of outdoor fun and excitement. Summer also means higher temperatures and even heat waves, which puts a premium on staying cool.

Our friends over at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have come out with a list of tips for a healthier and happier summer.

Travel safely

Look into the health conditions and potential safety risks at location you’ll be travelling to this summer. Drinking water in some foreign countries can make you sick. Also, many countries are experiencing a measles outbreak right now, so you’ll want to be aware of steps to stay safe and healthy when going abroad.

Be safe at the pool

Swimming is a fun summer activity for children and parents alike. Did you know that you can check the safety scores of pools in your area? You can find them online or on site.

Young worker safety

Young workers aged 15-24 have the highest rates of job-related injuries. This is especially true in the summer months, when younger people often have jobs working outside. The CDC is raising awareness about job hazards, workers’ rights, and safety concerns with the #MySafeSummerJob campaign.

Beat the heat

Preventing heat-related illnesses is vital for people of all ages. It’s especially important for people who are deemed “at-risk”: Kids under 4, adults over 65, and anyone who has a pre-existing medial condition or lack access to air conditioning. Stay cool, hydrated, and wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes.

Children's health

Kids love to be outside during the summer months. You just want to be sure they’re safe out there. It’s important for kids riding bikes to have a helmet that fits properly. Also make sure kids are hydrated as temperatures begin to rise. And don’t wait until they say they’re thirsty—hydration is an ongoing process.

Stay current on vaccines

Be sure that you and your family are up to date on all their vaccines. This is crucial in stopping serious diseases. Summer is a really good time to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider to ensure your children are up-to-date, or to make sure you’re caught up on any you may have missed.

Food safety

Did you know that rates of food poisoning are highest in summer? Warmer temperatures allow foodborne germs to thrive. The CDC also offers advice for food safety while grilling.

Insect protection

Summer is DEET season. Ingredients like DEET help protect yourself and your family from painful insect bites. Products like this insect repellent spray bottle are easy to take with you on a trip and can be a huge help.

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