Transport Bar
Transport Bar

Transport Bar

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The Dynarex Transport Bar allows caregivers to safely and easily transport hospital beds without strenuous lifting. Simply attach the universal attachment bar to the bed to create an H-Frame set up. The lightweight design utilizes the bed’s own casters to efficiently roll the bed into storage or a new room.

  • The Dynarex Transport Bar has universal frame attachment features to accommodate a wide variety of patient beds. The convenient design folds the mattress and bed into a condensed, more manageable size for transport. The H-Frame design offers easy maneuverability while minimizing the potential for damage and staff injuries. The bar is constructed of a lightweight material to ensure convenient storage when not in use.

  • Makes beds easy to transport and facilitates efficient storage
  • Transport bar attaches the headboard and footboard to create a stable rolling platform
  • This unit takes the heavy lifting out of furniture transportation

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