Vein Eye - Attached Unit
Vein Eye - Attached Unit

Vein Eye - Attached Unit

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The Vein-Eye is a hands-free solution that offers superior images of the vein, even in the most difficult patients. The Vein-Eye provides real-time video of sub-dermal veins and displays a "runway" image, necessary for IV placements.
The Vein-Eye is FDA registered and recently passed the arduous IEC 60601 3rd edition testing. It has the CE Marking and Declaration of Conformity, and sales have begun in earnest. NII sent the Vein-Eye prototype to a hospital in the Philippines after their natural disaster. The Vein-Eye was used only on the most difficult patients: the very sick, the very young, newborns and those with collapsed veins due to dehydration. The Vein-Eye continues to perform magnificently.
  • There are over 2,700,000 needle sticks every day just in the USA.
  • While vein illumination is important in every needle insertion, it is critically important when the patient is obese, very young, aged and/or has dark skin.
  • The Vein-Eye solves the most common complaints from medical practitioners:
    • Existing vein illumination devices are too expensive.
    • Existing vein illumination devices only illuminate veins that can already be seen.
    • Many existing devices cannot image the needle or syringe together with the veins. The needle washes out the images of the veins.

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