Vinnie Venous Insufficiency Leg
Vinnie Venous Insufficiency Leg

Vinnie Venous Insufficiency Leg

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0550 ‘Vinnie' Venous Insufficiency Leg™ was molded from an actual patient for true-to-life realism. The following conditions* are presented: Venous Ulcers, Cellulitis, Stasis Dermatitis, Varicose Veins, Hemosiderin Staining, Vasculitis, Lipodermatosclerosis, Calciphylaxis, Pyoderma Grangrenosum, Healed Foot Ulcer, Fungal Thickened Toenails, Maceration, Diabetic Ulcer, Atrophie Blanche, Pitting Edema, Reticular and Telangiectasia Veins. The top of the leg has a unique molded-in swivel fixture that permits the leg to be rotated a full 360 degrees for easy visualization. Wounds associated with venous disease and other wounds on the lower leg and foot are often extremely painful for the patient, thus adding urgency to their effective and efficient identification and treatment. Proper identification on admission has become critical to the operation of health agencies, as inaccurate wound assessment can affect reimbursement, cause inaccurate reporting of patient outcomes and the appearance of potential adverse events. ‘Vinnie’ is an effective tool to educate all healthcare providers, patients, families and caregivers in the identification and assessments of the conditions associated with venous insufficiency. This model is also an excellent visual aid for educating those who cannot read well enough to understand basic health care information, allowing them to see what can occur without proper care. ‘Vinnie’ is a great tool for teaching, training, competency testing and skills assessment in the care of patients with this condition. An Optional Display Stand 0552** is available which permits 'Vinnie' to pivot from above the knee and rotate 360 degrees, providing a realistic experience in supporting the leg while practicing compression wrapping, dressing changes or identifying conditions in a teaching situation. *Some of the conditions represented on this model may appear different on individual patients, yet still be considered the same condition. The representations of the conditions we have chosen to display are based on feedback from wound care professionals.

**Shown with Optional Display Stand item 0552, not included. Optional carrying case available item 0556.

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